Meet Katie O’Connell

My name is Katie O’Connell. I’m passionate about honest, inspired writing, and I love a good story.

My resume reads like a casserole (or ‘Hot Dish’ as my Minnesota roots would have me say); mixing the right ingredients yields something delicious. During my early career, I held various positions in the publishing industry. Later, I returned to school for an additional degree in education and taught Jr. High English. When I paused my professional life to raise children, my personal writing emerged. Suddenly, I found the heart of my voice and others connected with my words.

I’m a regular contributor to the popular “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series. My writing appears in Sasee Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Medium, Scary Mommy, Patheos, and other online sites. I’m delighted when people say my stories help them on their journey. I believe we’re meant to be heartwired.

These days I provide clients with topnotch heartwired content created to touch hearts, teach lessons, and create connections. I know how to add the crunchy topping—that surprising something—to the casserole. Whether it is through writing workshops, personalized editing and consulting, building brand stories, or creating fresh content on a heartwarming topic, I love connecting to the heart of the story.

My clients say I add the right spice to their messaging. They say I know how to uncover the right heartstrings—that something extra—to enhance their bottom line.

I’m grateful when people say my stories touched them. I believe we’re meant to help one another on this journey. We’re meant to be heartwired.

Contact me directly at 630/362-3750 or