Blessings, Life Lessons

Thank You, MAM

“I always get these,” my sister says. She passes me the phone-like interpretive device she collected from the smiling, white-toothed…

Life Lessons

Who’s Driving?

“Now, can you close your eyes?” my favorite yoga instructor asks. My arms shake as I hold the pose. Sweat…

Life Lessons

In-Between Times

Soft autumn light colored the world this morning. I hurried outside to see dawn, not satisfied with my window’s limitations….

Life Lessons

Growing Gratitude

The breeze ruffles my hair as I pedal steadily down the path. The smell of  frying bacon wafts from a nearby…

Life Lessons

Tomorrow’s Tomorrow

  Family and friends assemble under the white canopy, murmuring greetings as they find seats. The sun peeks through bubbly…