Life Lessons, Parenting


“Stop it, Mom! You’re freaking me out!” my daughter yells. She’s seated in the driver’s seat of my SUV. Today…

Life Lessons, Parenting

Dad’s Advice

When my husband and I married, there was an understanding: No Children. “Childless by choice,” I’d tell people, preferring that…

Blessings, Parenting

Love Baked Daily

The following essay, Love Baked Daily, was a semifinalist for the Chicago “Listen to your Mother” Show. I wrote it as an homage to…


Handed Down Love

I wake to footsteps on creaky floorboards. Little girl feet race through the house, chasing the darkness between their nightlight…


The Grandma Angels

(This post originally appeared in the March 2015 issue of Sasee Magazine. All rights to republish belong to Katie O’Connell….