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1:1 Writing Services & Consultation

Heartwired Writing writes to build trust and create connection with your audience. Customers respond to authenticity. They want to know what makes you and your organization different.

Are you clearly conveying who you are?

When you clearly communicate, the right clients respond. From blog posts to bios to monthly newsletters, the goal is to infuse your businesses’ unique personality at every opportunity.

Does your business writing need something, but you aren’t sure what?

Heartwired Writing provides individualized writing consultation. You have information to share and wisdom to impart. Let’s work together to excavate your story and create better connection to your audience.

Presentations and Courses

I provide personalized presentations for your group or organization. Presentations include:

  • “The Why and How of Adding Authenticity to Your Business Writing,”
  • “Clear Your Blocks, Find Your Voice,”
  • “The Hidden Gifts of Personal Writing,”
  • “Beyond the Bless You: How to Write a Personal Blessing”
  • “Motherless Daughters: Uncovering Gratitude and Resilience from Early Mother Loss.”

See some examples of my published works in the following Chicken Soup for the Soul issues, Sasee Magazine, Scary Mommy, Patheos, Daremore, and Reader’s Digest.

Heartwired Writing Blog:

Follow the Heartwired Writing blog, where life lessons reveal themselves, deeper questions are asked, and moments of blessing abound.

The Heartwired Writing blog has been called heartfelt, thought-provoking and insightful.  Common topics include Life Lessons, Blessings, Change & Transformation, Resilience, Mindfulness and Letting go.

Pull up a chair, pour a cup of coffee, and savor some time with a thoughtful, heartwarming read.


Each writing project is unique. Let’s discuss your project and how my services can amplify your message. Contact me directly at 630/362-3750 or