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Clear Your Blocks, Find Your Voice


People seek connection in this fast-paced world.

I help heart-centered business owners, brands, and bloggers build trust and create connection with their clients, customers, and audience.
I help them write Heartwired.

Do you want to make a bigger impact with your writing?
Are you ready to write from your authentic voice?

Through 1:1 coaching, small-group courses, and workshops, you’ll learn to…

  • Share your personal wisdom and stories
  • Overcome your writing blocks
  • Write with honesty and ease

Let’s find and refine the heart of your writing voice so you can create meaningful connections. 

Contact Katie O’Connell at 630/362-3750 or

What people are saying…

"Katie O’Connell is a dynamic speaker that shares with an open heart. She spins her stories in such a way that in the end, you feel like they are yours. I love how she brings me to a place of remembering my own story! Very engaging speaker."

K. Wunderlich Chaplain, Tyson Foods

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“Heartwired posts always inspire me to stop watching life and instead jump in and participate, even when it is not easy.”

Blog Reader

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“We used Katie’s writing skills for several marketing pieces and are getting excellent traction! She helped us zero in and create the right message for our audience.”

K. Nevious Owner, Fit to be You Fitness

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“I love the Heartwired Writing blog! Katie’s writing calms me down. Her blog posts stay with me long after I’ve read them. I feel connected to my heart and soul when I read her writing.”

M. Glass Westmont, Illinois

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“Katie developed content for my website.  She quickly found the essence of the message and created an approachable feel that is absorbable by the reader.  And, she is a delight to work with!”

M. Lothrop HR Consultant and Owner, Mary E. Lothrop and Associates

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“After reading Katie’s blog, I knew she was the perfect writer for my business. I needed superb technical skills and a voice consistent with my brand. Katie’s nurturing style fit the bill. I was so impressed that I asked her to speak at a local meeting for entrepreneurs.  I highly recommend Katie as both a writer and a speaker.”

S. Montgomery Owner, Stacey M Design, Inc.

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“I hired Katie for her knowledge of professional writing and her passion for helping others share their story. Every step of the way has been a positive experience with great results. I strongly recommend Katie’s work.”

M. Vondrasek President, Von Technologies

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“Anyone trying to create a following for their business, blog or brand would benefit from this course.”
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“My writing hang ups were huge and internal. I kept pushing writing projects back because of self-criticism. As a result, I wasn’t accomplishing what I needed. This course helped me throw away the assumption that I’m supposed to be somewhere else in my writing process. In the past, I would beat myself up over this, but now I’m much more confident in my skills.”
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“A great course to put you in the right mindset for writing. Done in a concise, guided format.”
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“I have struggled with my voice and speaking up. I hadn’t recognized how that also showed up in my writing ‘til now. Big stuff!”
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“This course helped me look at my writing process differently. I used to avoid it due to perfectionism. Now I have permission to just START!”
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“This course weaves together awareness of writing blocks, ways to disempower the fear, as well as helpful writings practices that build confidence.”
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“Through this series, my approach to writing has been altered in a very refreshing way. This course helped me realize what I have to say is important... important to say, important to write and important to share. That’s HUGE for me!"