Clear Your Blocks, Find Your Voice: 4-Week Group Online Writing Course


Heart-Centered Business Owners. Passionate Entrepreneurs. Bloggers and Brand Builders.

You have knowledge, insights and experiences to share. Let’s liberate your inner writer so you can authentically connect with your audience.

Are You…

  • Tired of feeling frustrated each time you sit down to write?
  • Sick of spending valuable time writing to feel it’s never good enough?
  • Unsure what to say?

I know these challenges. I’m a professional writer whose work appears in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Reader’s Digest, and Medium. I’ve written creative content for clients and provided personalized editing and consulting services. I’ve led writing workshops and built brand stories. Yet I still fall into the trap of perfectionism, procrastination and worry over whether my writing is good enough.

Let me tell you: The Writing Process doesn’t have to be daunting. I’ve spent years finding the tools to clear my writing blocks and express myself authentically…and now I guide others in doing the same.

Clear Your Blocks, Find Your Voice is a 4-week group online writing course that provides strategies, structure and practices to improve your writing and increase your confidence.

In 4 Weeks, You Will:

  • Create writing that sounds like YOU
  • Identify your writing blocks and learn to write with ease
  • Develop strategies to maintain focus and avoid rambling
  • Overcome procrastination with proven strategies
  • Increase the readability of your writing
  • Understand why personal voice is important to your business and brand
  • Learn writing best practices

See what past participants have to say: Click Here for Testimonials

What To Expect:

  • Weekly one-hour Zoom calls
  • Multiple times and offerings
  • Comfortably small group environment (no more than 8)
  • Weekly homework to support your success
  • Opportunities for discussion and group learning

Course Outline

Week 1 – “The Inner Critic”

  • Understand “Voice” in Writing and Why it Matters
  • Meet The Inner Critic and Discover Where it Came From
  • Learn Strategies to Diffuse the Inner Critic When it Appears

Week 2 – “The Procrastinator”

  • Understand The Inner Procrastinator…and Re-Train it
  • Learn to Focus Yourself to Write Efficiently
  • Strategies to Plan Your Writing, Organize Your Message, and Save You Time

Week 3 – “Engage Your Audience”

  • Understand Who You Are Writing For
  • Learn Storytelling Techniques to Better Engage Your Audience
  • Strategies for Conversational Writing that is Easy and Enjoyable to Read

Week 4 – “Find Your Voice”

  • Discover Your Writing Voice so it’s Distinct and Sounds Like You
  • Learn to Write for Increased Readability
  • Strategies for Good Writing to Build Your Confidence

Are you feeling called to use writing in a more impactful way to grow your business? Are you ready to diffuse the fear and clear the blocks that hold you back from owning your authentic voice?

See what past participants have to say: Click Here for Testimonials

Join a supportive group of people as we pave the way to an easier and more enjoyable writing process.

$179.00 for the 4-week program and materials

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