Testimonials: What past participants have said about
Clear Your Blocks, Find Your Voice

“Anyone trying to create a following for their business, blog or brand would benefit from this course.”

“My writing hang ups were huge and internal. I kept pushing writing projects back because of self-criticism. As a result, I wasn’t accomplishing what I needed. This course helped me throw away the assumption that I’m supposed to be somewhere else in my writing process. In the past, I would beat myself up over this, but now I’m much more confident in my skills.”

 “A great course to put you in the right mindset for writing. Done in a concise, guided format.”

“Katie has such a warm and friendly teaching style! I always felt “safe” sharing in the class.”

“I have struggled with my voice and speaking up.  I hadn’t recognized how that also showed up in my writing ‘til now. Big Stuff!”

“This course helped me look at my writing process differently. I used to avoid it due to perfectionism. Now I have permission to just START!”

“This course weaves together awareness of writing blocks, ways to disempower the fear, as well as helpful writings practices that build confidence.”

“Through this series, my approach to writing has been altered in a very refreshing way. This course helped me realize what I have to say is important… important to say, important to write and important to share. That’s HUGE for me!”

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